Bacon has been a long time favorite all over the world, but never before has it had the rock star status it does on today’s menus. It crosses all cuisine lines, popping up as a menu star-attraction in pubs,fine-dining, and patisseries. Its capabilities are endless; bacon can be the focus of a dish or simply lend its subtle smoke and salt as a component. Restaurants and home cooks alike are sourcing locally farmed bacon to experiment with their own curing and smoking, pushing their own limits to discover all the deliciousness bacon has to offer. Bacon has exploded over the last year or so, with no end to its demand in sight.

The growth of bacon on menus being utilized in exciting, inventive ways soared in 2014. Old Town Social highlights house-cured pork belly on their “BLT” Benedict with smoked pork belly, arugula, poached eggs and roasted tomato hollandaise, while The Gage features roasted bone marrow with candied bacon jam. Glazed and Infused rolled out with a long john style doughnut with a whole strip of bacon nestled into the chocolate glaze. Belly Q, Chef Bill Kim’s Asian BBQ joint, offers maple glazed togarashi bacon, indicating bacon is a global commodity. There are even restaurants dedicated to all that is bacon, as seen in Chef David Burke’s “Burke’s Bacon Bar,” featuring global sandwich options, all with bacon.

No more do we simply bacon-wrap filets or scallops, but do this with more gusto and fearlessness than ever before. Take a leap and be at the forefront of the bacon revolution-showcasing flavored bacons across day and menu parts.