Dessert Fusion

This country, and to a great extent the entire world, is on the heels of a doughnut, salted caramel, chocolate, and cupcake fueled dessert frenzy. It is no wonder then that modern chefs continue to put their creativity to the test, experimenting with and marrying ingredients and flavors, and presenting their creations in newer and more innovative ways. Fusion is the new chic, and show stopping desserts hold a sweet surprise and make eaters gasp at their creativity and ingenuity. Pairing salt with caramel and cayenne pepper, doughnuts with bacon, or smoked Gouda cheese with chocolate was just the start and it has not stopped.

Hybrid desserts are known as two distinctly different items meshed together with elements of both items still represented. Think cronut (doughnut + croissant), or a townie (tart + brownie), then throw in modern creativity, and the results are endless. Nutelasagna is a trendy idea that combines Nutella with the flavors of smores in a lasagna style casserole dish. Some options like cronuts, townies, brookies (brownies + cookies), offer real potential for manufacturers as new hot items, while others will simply remain fun new ideas. Hybrid desserts combine the best of flavor innovation with the most creative of combinations. Even more, they engage consumers and make them feel special because you get something more than just one dessert for your meal. Perhaps most important, hybrid desserts are new opportunity to resurrect out of fashion favorites while simultaneously creating whole new concepts. In a world where nationally marketed beer-flavored jelly beans and cinnamon sugar potato chips are flying off of the shelves, dessert fusion is something to watch out for in 2015.