Snack Attack

As consumers’ lives continue to evolve with the times, so do their eating habits. Many consumers are changing up their old lifestyles to a more health-focused way of living. Exercise and better-for-you options are being sought after and will continue to rise. A huge segment of dining is skyrocketing: snacking. “Snacking is the new black.” In other words, snacking has become popular for a few reasons.

Nutrition professionals are recommending people wanting to lose or maintain a healthy weight eat several small, health-focused meals throughout the day, instead of three large meals. Snacking is also directly related to another craze: small plates. Dining out and sharing food has become very popular allowing consumers to share their dining experience with others, as well as sample a variety of foods establishments have to offer.

  • Consumers are seeking more snacking meals for health reasons, busy schedules and for a variety of choices, instead of one large meal.
  • Snacking allows several daily “pick-me-ups” throughout the day.
  • Seeking both lighter and more indulgent snacking.
  • Both sweet and savory snacking is being sought.
  • Snacking allows personal time to refuel mind, body and soul.